LINGUISTICS AND THE GREEK VERB - 10-11 July 2015 Tyndale House, Cambridge UK

Recent Discussions and their Implications for NT Exegetes
10-11 July 2015 
Tyndale House, Cambridge
36 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge, UK CB3 9BA

There has been much discussion within New Testament scholarship over the past two decades on the nature of the Greek verbal system. Unfortunately, this discussion has become largely entrenched and difficult to break into. The planned conference hopes to remedy that by providing an opportunity for
New Testament scholars, Greek linguists, and Classicists to discuss various aspects of the ancient Greek verbal system and explore more detailed linguistic questions regarding the verb. The conference aims to move beyond the entrenched discussions while also working through examples with the attendees in workshop settings.

This conference is an affiliate session of Tyndale Fellowship.

Presenters Include:
Rutger Allan (VU University Amsterdam)
Randall Buth(Biblical Language Center)
Robert Crellin (University of Cambridge)
Helma Dik (University of Chicago)
Stephen Levinsohn(SIL International)
Amalia Moser (University of Athens)
Steven Runge (Faithlife Corporation Stellenbosch University)

-2 night residency incl. breakfasts/lunch (£145)
-1 night residency incl. breakfast/lunch (£85)
-non-residency incl. lunch (£25)

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Space is limited.

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