Cambridge Semitic Philology Seminar

Monday, 3 December, 2012.
Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue, Room 8/9.

2.00 pm          Martin Worthington
‘The placement of -ma and Babylonian verse structure’

2.30 pm          Aaron Hornkohl
‘“Aramaisms” and the Periodization of Ancient Hebrew:
 Some Methodological Considerations’

3.00 pm           Olga Vinnichenko
 ‘Aramaic and Neo-Assyrian’

3.30 pm          Tea/coffee

4.00 pm          Paul Noorlander
‘Neo-Aramaic Alignment in a Historical Perspective:
 Some Preliminary Remarks’

4.30 pm          Kathrin Egger
‘Grammatical voice in Neo-Aramaic’

5.00 pm         Lidia Napiorkowska
‘Lexically based phonological variation in a Neo-Aramaic dialect’

5.30 pm         Geoffrey Khan
‘Word order typologies in Neo-Aramaic and their background’

All are welcome

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