Global Warming & Equitable Development: Ethical and Political Priorities

On Wednesday 6 March 2013 at 5.00pm

Guildhall Street, Cambridge CB2 3NH.

A unique event jointly organised by The Fisher House and the Von Hügel Institute and sponsored by The Tablet:

Global Warming & Equitable Development: Ethical and Political Priorities
A seminar on the ethical implications of the debate on the origins of global warming and climate change. Four scientists will discuss whether and to what extent these are caused by human activities - the anthropogenic origins of climate change while politicians, theologians and philosophers will discuss the ethical and political implications of the answer to this question. Most scientists and policy-makers accept that climate change is occurring but is it caused by human beings? If it is, then policy choices such as the forms of energy that are produced will have to be made. These choice will have an impact on developing countries including the emerging economies who often have quite different approaches to the environmental question to the developed countries.

The seminar will be chaired by

Lord Williams of Oystermouth (Rowan Williams) Master of Magdalene College, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Panel Members:
Professor Sir Brian Hoskins FRS, Director of Grantham Institute of Climate Change, London
Professor Richard Lindzen Professor of Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys Director of Research, Department of Materials Science, Cambridge
Professor John Loughlin L’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, Von Hügel Institute Director, Cambridge
Professor Christopher Whitty Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for International Development
Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer) Chair of Committee on Climate Change

The seminar will be followed by refreshments. No booking required, everyone welcome.

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